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Accidents at Work

Regardless of the type of workplace, accidents at work are common – whether involving a tripping/slipping accident, a burn injury, injury from falling or having something fall upon you, an injury from defective equipment or a poorly planned operation or procedure, injuries from lifting / manual handling, repetitive strain injuries, inadequate workstation arrangements / seating – you may be entitled to make a claim.

An Employer is responsible for ensuring as far as is practicable, the health and safety of his/her Employees during their time at work. If this duty is neglected, serious injuries can occur. Employers are obliged to take out Employer’s Liability insurance to protect themselves financially against the risk of injury to staff members.

It is normal to feel a little reluctant to claim against an Employer. Many Claimant’s worry about their job security after bringing a compensation claim against their Employer. Whilst we have no direct control over Employers and how they respond to accident claims, the majority will be covered by an insurance policy and so will not have to pay compensation from the business directly. If a Claimant is treated in any way unfairly by his/her Employer as a result of making a claim for compensation, then the individual concerned may have a claim in Employment Law against the Employer. If this situation arises, we will be able to put you in contact with a reputable solicitor specialising in this area of law to advise you further.

An employer has many duties according to the law – for example:

  • To provide a safe place to work in
  • To provide training and protective clothing
  • To make risk assessments of your job and safeguard against any risks highlighted
  • To protect you from unnecessary lifting
  • To protect you from falling objects
  • To keep all machinery and equipment in good working order
  • To protect you from hazardous fumes and substances

You may also have a claim as a sub-contractor if the main contractor has breached his duties to you. Contact me for further information in this regard.


“Karen is strong minded, enthusiastic, very dependable and a most pleasant lady. I always knew exactly where I stood and the stage that my claim had reached. Karen was always very well organised and prepared. Karen went that extra mile in pursuit of justice and was not at all intimidated by the large corporate giant that is Tesco – so much so that Tesco changed their representation twice and then admitted liability! I am a most satisfied customer and would have no hesitation in recommending Karen’s expertise to anyone requiring legal advice..”

Kevin Humphreys

Accident At Work

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