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Policy For Taking Proof Of Identity From Each New Client

We are obliged by The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and 2012 to check the identity of our clients and indeed it is a criminal offence for us not to do so.

It is therefore a condition of accepting any new instructions that clients provide the Firm with evidence to verify their identity. If none or insufficient evidence is provided, then the Firm is entitled to refuse to act.

Before your claim can be taken on, we will need to obtain:-
1) your date of birth
2) your National Insurance number
3) and 2 forms of identification – one containing a photograph and the other containing your current address (note that we will need to see the original of each, will photocopy/ scan the same and return the original to you).

We can accept various forms of identification as shown by the Lists below.
Please note that we will need one item from List A and one item from List B.

List A
– A current and signed passport
– A current UK photo card driving licence
– A current full UK driving licence
– A photocard for self employed people working in the construction industry (C1S4)
– A firearm / shotgun certificate
– A National identity card containing a photograph

List B
– Confirmation from the Electoral Register that you live at your given address
– A recent utility bill less than 3 months old (not a mobile telephone bill)
– A local council tax bill for the current year
– A current UK photo card driving licence
– A bank or building society statement
– A passport with your current address
– A solicitors letter to confirm your recent house purchase
– Land Registry confirmation of your address
– Council rent book showing the rent paid at your address for the last 3 months
– Housing Association rent card or tenancy agreement
– House or motor vehicle insurance

If you are unable to produce the originals of the items listed above, then you must provide us with photocopies that have been certified by an Accountant, Doctor, High Street Bank Manager or another Solicitor. Their contact details must also be clearly shown on the photocopies.

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